It Fr De En  

My mosaics are assembled from Danube gravels. The variety of them will never show pieces of the same colour or shape, but putting the pieces together will create the desired harmony. The chaos changes to order, imagination to reality.

The final format consists of more than 10.000 gravels each the size of 1 cm. When observing it from a close distance, one will see just pell-mell of the different pieces, but when taking some steps back, the final picture becomes visible. Therefore it’s recommended to expose it on a surface that will be looked at from a distance of 5-6 meters and to ensure a long lifetime, use it in interior only,  while protecting it from humidity and freeze. The final dimensions including the frame are 122x82 cm, weighting 47 kg. The hanging construction was designed to balance it’s weight while ensuring the option of different positions - giving the chance to adjust the final situation also in case the boreholes would not be in perfect order.




  Last Updated: 06.12.2014